All About the Mount Sinai Hospital BSN Student Scholarship – Work Repayment Program

If you are looking for a nursing scholarship and you are interested in working as a Registered Nurse at The Mount Sinai Hospital, there is an ideal financial award opportunity that you should look into. The Mount Sinai Hospital BSN Student Scholarship Program is available for senior nursing students within a Bachelors of Science Nursing program who agree to work as a RN at The Mount Sinai Hospital for every semester that money is awarded. Mount Sinai Hospitals Department of Nursing is currently sponsoring scholarships of up to $3,000 per semester for qualifying students.

It is important to learn all about the Mount Sinai Hospital BSN Student Scholarship/Work Repayment Program before applying, as there are many requirements. Qualifying students must be senior nursing students or in the last semester/year of the program, and be able to show proof of acceptance within the BSN program and completion of some nursing courses. They must also be able to provide a letter of recommendation from a nursing faculty member.

To keep the nursing scholarship, students must also maintain a full time course load with a minimum 3.25 GPA, complete the program with no leaves of absence and accept the work commitment at The Mount Sinai Hospital as a Registered Nurse within three months of graduation and pass the NCLEX licensing examination after no more than two attempts. And finally, the student must provide Mount Sinai with a promissory note in the full amount of the nursing scholarship award to be repaid in full in case they fail to fulfill the work requirements or any of the other employment conditions.

There are many stipulations for the Sinai Hospital BSN Student Scholarship Program, but it is a worthwhile opportunity for any students who qualify. The benefits of an additional $3,000 per semester are too numerous to count, and having an agreement to accept work after graduation also takes the concern of finding a job after graduation out of the equation. And once the work commitment period is over, nurses are free to leave and take work wherever they please, if they should choose to do so.